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Unlocking u8100: problems

I tried to get unlock code(s) from but Steve there was unable to help in the end.

He apologised and initiated refund. Will update if that doesn't appear, but I'd use these guys again, given the choice.

And I'm having no success in finding algorythm for IMEI + MCCMNC -> unlock code.

Don't fail me now, Google!


Wind Mobile has an entirely reasonable policy of giving out the unlock codes for their phones for free, but not until 3 months after a customer joins.

I haven't been with them for 3 months yet.

And, I wouldn't be happy if I'd paid cash and received a locked phone, but I got mine "free" on WindTab promotion.

Anyway, I called to try and extract an unlock code from them.

I pleaded, saying the phone I recommended for the GF for global use is useless in HK and she, a Wind customer, is there, NOW, with a locked phone.

And I'm in trouble for recommending the phone.

Then I offered to pay for the unlock code.

Still couldn't get a code.

Then "threatened" to pay some web site out there to provide an unlock code.

Still no luck; she said she cannot even see the unlock code until 3 months after signing up.

Still, it's better than Rogers charging $50 and Bell $75 for unlock codes.