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Huawei 8100 went swimming

I just came home from a dog walk, taking signal strength readings of UTMS & HSDPA with CoverageMapper and Sensorly. I took my phone out of my jacket pocket to set it on the counter while removing jacket ... and I dropped it.

My other hand made a grab for it, but about the same time as anticipated catch, phone reaches end of wired headset and jerked back up a bit.

Left hand partially missed phone, swatting it instead.

Phone disconnected from headset plug, bounced off cabinet and ended up at the bottom of the dog's water dish, where it laid on its back, screen glowing like a single eye; hopelessly submerged and half drowned.

I snatched it out after a good cursing, and the screen continued to work.

Data points were uploaded, phone seemed fine.

Later when I attempted a photo, the picture preview was awful. A look at the lens showed water droplets inside, so popped off the back cover, wiped away water, took picture.

Am recharging now then will remove battery & SIM for thorough drying.

Again, the phone was completely submerged and survived.

I know a lot of people scoff at Huawei and think their phones are crap, and those people might be correct to some degree, but it survived a near-drowning.