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How to root a Huawei u8100

I've unlocked rooted my Huawei u8100-9 Android phone.

This is NOT the same as unlocking; turns out I was still tied to Wind after the following procedures. What is explained below is how to get access to "superuser" account on your phone (step 1) and make its CPU run faster (step 2).

I will put the instructions, and where I learned them from, below.

These instructions will be geared towards Ubuntu Linux as the computer, but Windows & Mac will be addressed.

Once the Celestial Tea Cup (CTC) over-clocking ROM has been flashed, I'll put those instructions up too.

I've purchased unlock code from - just awaiting delivery.


Rooting Huawei 8100.

1) From Huawei's web site, get the latest update:

Next may be optional: if needed, it's for Huawei update:
Enable debugging on your phone. (Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging).

copy Huawei's update file to SD card, then run
"Update from SD card" in phone settings.

2) From
follow instructions from jasonXXx at post #59.

You need to join & login to download the files:

The 1) link above is copy to the SD card and rename to
The 2) link above is clockwork_recovery_v1.8.1.4.img: copy this to the
directory where superboot was unzipped.

Also, there's a "" (link below), download
and unzip that: it has "fastboot-linux", etc. in it:

3) Install drivers: for Windows, they're on the phone: connect via USB (do not
mount USB on phone!).

For Ubuntu (Linux):
sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch
sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules
then paste this into a likely empty file:
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="12d1", MODE="0666"
then run this:
sudo chmod a+r /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules
sudo restart udev

Not sure if this is optional, but I did it and it worked. More here:

Also, from here:
is this:
SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="12d1", ATTRS{idProduct}=="1035", MODE="0666"

4) Plug phone in via USB to computer, turn off phone, hold down HANG-UP and
VOLUME-DOWN for 5 seconds while and after powering up the phone.
It should stop at a Wind screen: this is good.

5) At command line, in folder where superboot was unzipped and *.img copied, run
./fastboot-linux boot clockwork_recovery_v1.8.1.4.img

Some text should go by:
downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY
booting... OKAY
Then the phone reboots. The phone has a menu:
select "update from SD card" (or something similar).
This depends on the su*.zip being copied to the SD card in advance, and
that the su*.zip be renamed!

Once that's done, phone has menu again: select reboot device.

6) Check your "Apps", look for superuser in there: if so, it's rooted!

Successfully installed Celestial Tea Cup (CTC) to over-clock (speed up) the Huawei 8100, which I got from Wind Mobile.

I got the instructions & files from You'll need to get the file from that link, and copy it to your SD card.

Then, from the unlocking instructions elsewhere on this site, enter the directory where you have the files "clockwork_recovery_v1.8.1.4.img" and "fastboot-linux" (or the non-linux version).

Plug your phone into PC via USB, power down phone, then, holding Hang-up+Volume-down for 10 seconds, turn on the phone.

It should stop at the Wind screen. This is good.

On your PC run:

./fastboot-linux boot clockwork_recovery_v1.8.1.4.img

This will bring up a recovery screen. Choose "update from zip on sdcard" (or something very similar). Choose the file you just copied to there, called

Once that's done installing, choose "reboot device".

Congratulations, you have installed CTC on your phone.

The Weather Clock widget is gone, so get one from the market (Android app store).

There are other zip files if you with to play with Just-In-Time compiling for Java. I didn't need to install the update for T-Mobile Pulse Mini from the site linked to above; GPS & USB both work fine without it.


SetCPU is the tool to actually set the CPU speed.

It's available from the Android market, or the web site where TCT came from.

I've got mine over-clocked to 672 MHz. There are a few issues with stability and I may step it down 652.800 MHz. I believe the default is 633 Mhz.

Other than the minor stability issues that I cannot with certainty blame on SetCPU being set overly high, I haven't noticed much difference in speediness of the phone, to my mild surprise.