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Wind Call Quality Issues

I'm having really annoying call quality issues: at times, both parties cannot be heard at once. This causes the conversation to grind to a halt. Happens on ¾ of all my calls recently, although when I first signed up in early december, the first comment I got was how good the new phone sounds.

I speculate that Wind is suffering network or tower congestion due to the success of both WindTab and the $40 / month unlimited voice, text, and data plan.

I'm in south Vancouver. Anyone else in the area care to comment?

Let us know where you are and how voice quality is so we can diagnose the problem.

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This comment was DELETED from Wind's website, jerks.

Announcing Wind & Mobilicity: free voice roaming between networks

How's that for an eye-grabbing headline? :)

Okay, it's still just an idea, but who thinks this is a good idea?

I mean, coverage might not expand a whole lot, however the coverage would be twice as good (roughly) here in Vancouver. They may want to qualify the roaming to only cities where both companies have towers. However, it would squelch some of the call quality issues, making both companies more attractive to prospective customers.

Rate this if you like the idea; please explain why if you don't like the idea.

And, Wind, what do you say?

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I thought Wind wanted Ideas on their Community Ideas blog? Guess not.

This comment was originally posted here:

Wind & Mobilicity should enter a gentleman's agreement where they allow free voice roaming in areas where their coverage overlaps.

THAT would be best-of-both-worlds scenario for customers, for both companies, and potential customers reluctant to pay for a phone up-front.

Also, it would strategically position BOTH companies against Shaw's impending entry into the AWS market. Shaw is relatively big & deep-pocketed with a known brand (and I can vouch for their reliable internet service).

Shaw will enter the market with more towers and back haul than Wind & Mobilicity combined, bundling mobile plans with cable, home phone, internet plans. Shaw won't tolerate Wind's lousy voice quality problems; it'll damage their "brand".

They'll crush the smaller companies.

There is speculation that the recent delay in Shaw's mobile roll-out is due to them waiting for LTE (4G and up) compatibility to be introduced.

Chances are, however, that even if this is true, Wind phones will work on Shaw's network.

Look out Wind.

Anyone else find this a reasonably foreseeable prediction?

Hey, Wind & those with itchy flagging fingers; give it a break - this blog is for "Ideas" and this idea isn't a troll. You deleted my last post about free roaming on the two networks and it isn't appreciated.

Post your own comments, don't flag this.

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There's NO vulgarity!

Ah, I changed "crap" to "lousy", that worked.

My comment from (before it gets deleted):

I have similar situation in south Vancouver.

Didn't seem a problem in early december, but by xmas it was getting tedious.

Now, I just avoid making phone calls; at least until I'm outside (I'm only 0.9 kms from base station).

I imagine the other parties to your phone conversations come away thinking that Wind is not ready for prime time. (Interupted-)Word-of-mouth negative advertising.

Wind needs to fix this before big media campaigns about big charitable donations, else they'll bleed customers in Vancouver until they're "radio-active" to anyone with intentions of ... talking on their phones.

They'll get a reputation as a Taco-Bell of Canadian mobile companies.

I __SO__ badly want Wind to succeed before Shaw enters the AWS market and kicks the incumbents to the curb.

Hence my anxiety and constant posting here (and, formerly on Network Builder) trying to get SOME indication of an intention to eventually acknowledge the issue.

NB To call tech support, I have to have a 2nd phone so they can do "diagnostics" which means they will want me to remove SIM mid-conversation and I no longer have patience for that.

Posted by: "A.S.ROMA"

Original location:

My partner and I are ...

My partner and I are leaving WIND. We live right downtown, in the heart of Chinatown West. Here's why we're probably leaving:

We joined WIND over a year ago. I loved the approach : no contract, decent fees, good basic selection of phones with room to upgrade within my means, without getting myself into horrible debt. My partner had just gone through some headaches with Rogers, and we both felt great about it when we switched. I even ported my Bell landline number to my new WIND phone.

We started with Samsung Gravity 2s, because that was all we could afford. Then she bought a Motorola XT. We're probably going to leave because of reception issues, and I'll be a little bit more specific.

She always has reception issues at work, in her building at Yonge and Eg. That means communicating during the day between the two of us suffers. AND, much more importantly, neither of us can have a conversation on our phones without the signal intermittently cutting for one or two seconds every fifteen to thirty seconds or so. If we talk over people, or interject, the other person's voice immediately disappears from the conversation, causing further frustration, only to reappear few seconds after we stop talking. This is infuriating, and it makes it impossible to have an important or emotionally meaningful conversation over the phone. Cheeky comments like "maybe the phone will make you a better listener" aside, it basically cuts down on the natural flow of a conversation.

So WIND, I realize you're a young company, fighting an uphill battle for market share in one of the worst countries for wireless service. But rather than expand service area and offer even more gimmicky phones that do essentially the same thing, you might want to stick to the fundamentals first: getting your signal right.

We're very sorry to go.


Very well said, thank you!

My GF & I have the same problem (south Vancouver) and it's driving us NUTS.

It's easy to "be patient" when I'm sitting here, not having used it today. But when 4/5 calls suffer badly, you begin to dread making a 6th call.

Ignore the foolish fanboy responses you received here (not that all of them are!); they cannot understand that a phone (phone company) that cannot sustain phone calls is a bad thing. Sure, it's cheap, because for some of us IT DOESN'T WORK.

I sure don't look forward to leaving Wind, but I HAVE TO find a way of making ... you know, phone calls. Maybe I need to use Skype-out for calls, but then I'm paying per minute again and it's not as convenient.

This household spends $65 / month for a) an almost never-used phone, and b) a phone that's a glorified FM radio & GPS.


Today's call log:

1) "I'm busy, call you back": no voice quality issues
2) Voice drops out, breaks up, conversation pauses for 5-10 seconds waiting for line to stabilize (more than once), then call disconnects.
3) Calls back: voice problems persist, conversation unable to happen, phone finally disconnects.

That's it, I'm afraid I'll smash my phone into pieces (and not pay off WindTab) if I have to go through that again soon.

I think I've been defrauded: when I signed up in early december, no or very few voice issues. Convinced the GF to port one of her phone numbers to Wind.

Now, since about xmas, voice quality bad to impossible in ~90% of all phone calls.

How about that, fanboys? Should I be glad I'm only paying $40 for this quality of service?

When I was using Rogers, I didn't use 3G data so I'm not saving ANY money, but getting, in theory, unlimited calling. However, it's MORE useless than my rip-off Robbers 150 daytime minutes / month.

I'm really upset that Wind is trying to be a wireless ISP when they cannot provide normal, simple phone calls (to anyone I personally know).

Now I dread even trying to use the phone.

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Out of frustration with voice quality issues, I sent an email to the CEO of Wind Mobile.

Much to my surprise, he replied -- promptly! He cc'd his reply to, among others within the organisation, the CTO, who followed up looking for details.

I then got a call from Wind HQ, followed by contact with a Vancouver based Network Engineer.

Then, on the evening of february 24th, 2011, I noticed my phone was showing 3 bars signal strength out of 4. Normally it's 1 or 2 bars.

Some manual checking showed a doubling or quadrupling of the strength in dBm.

The next day, Wind Network Engineer called to say that they'd had a rigger adjust my local base station.

I think the technical term is, he "kicked it". Or maybe turned one or two of the six antenna at the site in my direction.

My dBm readings went from -95 or lower to -89 dBm or lower. Bottom ranges went from -111 dBm to -101 dBm.

Friday & saturday were great, the GF even cancelled her Telus handset (finally!).

Saturday evening I had a very poor quality call to a Shaw home phone customer, during a snow storm. There was lots of broken voice again, and a weak signal of about -101 dBm.

It hasn't really come back to as good as it had been, but it seems somewhat better than before the rigger.

One good thing I found out from the Wind Network Engineer was that a new base station would be opening in my neighbourhood in 3~5 months. That helps me be patient, even if the situation isn't great right now.

BTW, I now notice my download speeds averaging about 2200 kbps, regularly hitting 2500 kbps. That's somewhat of an improvement over the 1300-1900 kbps I was getting, not that I was concerned about download speeds before.