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CRTC: how to make itself relevant again

I have a modest proposal for the CRTC on how to invigorate the Canadian mobile telecommunications market without resorting to foreign ownership.

CRTC should (on instruction by parliament if necessary):

Force telcos to have separate plans for a) subsidized phones, b) paid-for phones.

Force 700Mhz auction to be split among all current companies (Wind fixing any issues of ownership first) in such a way that no company gets shut out of a market due to the big 3.

Force bidders in 700Mhz auctions to agree to hand off calls between companies (roaming) seamlessly.

Wind found too foreign by CRTC; overturned by Governor in Council; overturned again by Hon Justice Roger T. Hughes

From the decision found at

[48] The next “Whereas” is critical, as it appears to insert a policy objective not found in section 7 or anywhere else in the
Telecommunications Act ; namely, that access to foreign capital technology and expertise should be encouraged and ensured:

(next quotes government's reason for overturning CRTC):

How to get GNU utils on Android?

I may be going about this entirely the wrong way, but I would really like to run traceroute on my Android to see what path traffic takes when traveling to the server hosting this site (i.e. my living room PC).

Is there a way to run GNU tools on Android? Traceroute is but one example, less, cat, etc. wold be handy.

Are there Android equivalents?

Any advice much appreciated...

Huawei 8100 went swimming

I just came home from a dog walk, taking signal strength readings of UTMS & HSDPA with CoverageMapper and Sensorly. I took my phone out of my jacket pocket to set it on the counter while removing jacket ... and I dropped it.

My other hand made a grab for it, but about the same time as anticipated catch, phone reaches end of wired headset and jerked back up a bit.

Left hand partially missed phone, swatting it instead.

How to root a Huawei u8100

I've unlocked rooted my Huawei u8100-9 Android phone.

This is NOT the same as unlocking; turns out I was still tied to Wind after the following procedures. What is explained below is how to get access to "superuser" account on your phone (step 1) and make its CPU run faster (step 2).

I will put the instructions, and where I learned them from, below.

These instructions will be geared towards Ubuntu Linux as the computer, but Windows & Mac will be addressed.

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