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If you're looking for the WindMobile.ca GreaseMonkey script, it's at http://android.maow.net/Wind.

CRTC: how to make itself relevant again

I have a modest proposal for the CRTC on how to invigorate the Canadian mobile telecommunications market without resorting to foreign ownership.

CRTC should (on instruction by parliament if necessary):

Force telcos to have separate plans for a) subsidized phones, b) paid-for phones.

Force 700Mhz auction to be split among all current companies (Wind fixing any issues of ownership first) in such a way that no company gets shut out of a market due to the big 3.

Force bidders in 700Mhz auctions to agree to hand off calls between companies (roaming) seamlessly.

Wind found too foreign by CRTC; overturned by Governor in Council; overturned again by Hon Justice Roger T. Hughes

From the decision found at http://www.scribd.com/doc/48183364/T-26-10-Judgment#:

[48] The next “Whereas” is critical, as it appears to insert a policy objective not found in section 7 or anywhere else in the
Telecommunications Act ; namely, that access to foreign capital technology and expertise should be encouraged and ensured:

(next quotes government's reason for overturning CRTC):

How to root a Huawei u8100

I've unlocked rooted my Huawei u8100-9 Android phone.

This is NOT the same as unlocking; turns out I was still tied to Wind after the following procedures. What is explained below is how to get access to "superuser" account on your phone (step 1) and make its CPU run faster (step 2).

I will put the instructions, and where I learned them from, below.

These instructions will be geared towards Ubuntu Linux as the computer, but Windows & Mac will be addressed.

Wind Call Quality Issues

I'm having really annoying call quality issues: at times, both parties cannot be heard at once. This causes the conversation to grind to a halt. Happens on ¾ of all my calls recently, although when I first signed up in early december, the first comment I got was how good the new phone sounds.

I speculate that Wind is suffering network or tower congestion due to the success of both WindTab and the $40 / month unlimited voice, text, and data plan.

I'm in south Vancouver. Anyone else in the area care to comment?

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WindMobile.ca website enhancement(s)

I've recently switched to Wind Mobile.

Since their website is a bit awkward to use, I wrote a GreaseMonkey script to help out the TextArea sizes.

I will probably add a character counter on the Network Builder page so we know when we're close to the 500 character limit.

Any other feature requests can be made via the contact form.

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